ENCAUSTIC painting is a method of painting using melted beeswax. The wax is coloured with oil paints and then applied with brush onto a rigid surface. Layers of applied waxes are then fused with a hot air gun. Wax is an excellent preservative of materials and allows for the adherence of a multitude of media. A work of encaustic has a mild beeswax odor, a natural sheen and the work is guaranteed to last forever!

ACRYLIC painting uses traditional techniques from both oil and watercolour painting using modern acrylic based paints.

OIL  Our Maple Ridge Life Drawing Group met weekly to practice our drawing skills.  At one point, we decided to hire a model for 4 to 6 consecutive weeks and this gave us the time to almost complete a painting. Every week, the tricky part was setting up both the model and our easels in the same area as to get the same pose. The following paintings are my results from these sessions.